From the recording I Chose You

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Music and Lyrics by Daisy Hicks


Could have been a movie star,
Had my name in lights on Broadway
Could have been a show girl
Lived in Vegas if the cards when that way

But I chose you

Could have been a painter,
captured live in still motion
Could have bought a boat
and sailed for the deepest ocean

But I chose you
And I still do

If I had to do it all again
I wouldn’t change a thing
Even though there are battles I have overcome
When I look back you have always there, guiding me
And in this life you will always be the one.

Could have been a Rock star
with a hit on the radio
Travelled by private jet,
well that almost happened did you know

But I chose you
And I still do

(Musical breakdown)

Could have been a girl
who settled early for 2nd best
But I waited for you
and you took the place of all the rest.

I, I chose you
And I still do

Could’ve been a Rock Star