Here are some recent press articles about Daisy's music!

"Hicks has got enough talent to hold her own against some of the biggest names in the game right now, and if she continues to make music that can evolve and progress, it won’t be long before she’s influencing an entire new era of jazz"

The Indie Source’ Music Mag

“The amazing thing about songwriters like Hicks is that they can make their home almost anywhere that they wish, because good composing allows for artists to transcend scenes, genres and eras all the same. Daisy Hicks may just be the queen of summer 2018.”

“2018 has seen a lot of really great releases so far, and among them I’ve been able to listen to and review a handful of decent ones, a few good ones, and maybe one or two really great ones. Not only is “Upside” (from Daisy Hicks) the first really well designed extended play I’ve heard this year, but it’s the first jazz record I’ve really felt comfortable endorsing. I listen to a little bit of everything, but I do consider myself a bit of a snob when it comes to jazz music. Instead of pacifying my thirst for odd time signatures and dexterous, thought-out harmonies with jagged beats and falsetto singing that owes more to indie folk rock than bop, Daisy dishes out a completely different style of smooth jazz that is ego-free and non-synthesized to boot. Is this the singer/songwriter that the genre has been looking for to lead it into the next decade?”

For the last half of the decade, it’s felt like Americana pop was getting increasingly more insular, to the point where listening to the radio could sometimes feel suffocating. Daisy Hicks is changing that for the better.