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The new single "I Chose You" from Daisy Hicks is now available!

The timeless new single "I Chose You" from Daisy Hicks is interwoven with beautifully crafted lyrics and jazz-inspired music that drips of sensuality and true passion.  Boundless lyrics with a smooth jazz accompaniment that will keep you slow dancing until the sun comes up. 

The Original version was produced by Daisy and Curtis Schwartz and was recorded in Berry House Studios in the UK on Elton John's old piano from his home in Beverly Hills!

Remixes from Sir Piers and Ruff Diamond cover the full spectrum of soul and funk that will be loved by radio stations and DJs everywhere.

Available to download directly with Daisy by clicking www.daisyhicks.com/music or on some of the popular download sites below.....


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Daisy's new single "French Café" is now available.  

The stunning new song was written by Daisy and originally recorded at Berry House Studios in the UK with Curtis Schwartz.  

"French Café" will take you on a nostalgic journey to the romantic streets of Paris!

Along with the jazz-inspired original version, "French Café" has be given 2 fresh remixes - the chilled St. Tropez version and an upbeat soul-infused version by Met Life!

All 3 versions will be released to radio stations across the UK and around the world and are now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play and so many more.....

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Daisy's new single "Christmas Without You" is now available!

The beautiful new festive single from Daisy Hicks has started to be played on the airwaves this season and will be an instant classic for generations to come.

"Christmas Without You" is a powerful and emotional Christmas single has received great support from radio stations in the UK and overseas.  

Written by Daisy Hicks and produced by Tim Laws, Pete Craigie and Chris Harvey.  The original version was recorded on Elton John's old piano from his home in Beverley Hills in Berry House Studios in the UK.  

"Christmas Without You" will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer and Google Play now.

"Christmas Without You" Official Video

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